Monday, September 21, 2015

the day when guillain-barre syndrome ruined my life!

       The day that guillain-barre syndrome ruined my life was an ordinary day that came with no warning  or sign. It was a nice day outside from what i can recall. Who knew that on the day that the worldkept turning my personal little world would stop and completely change my life for every moment i would have after!
       Before getting sick i used walk with freedom and balance,I could just get up and go and go and go. I lived a life with no fear a life with no pain a life  that was normal. Before i got sick my relationships with the people i love the most were good full of love,fun and memories....but then i got sick and guillain-barre syndrome ruined that life i had!
       Now before you think i am writting this for poor pity me's and that my life was so much better before i got sick, just know i am not! My life was not really my life before i was sick! It was just an average life with normal things happening, how boring it was but yet i could not see it in that time! Getting a weird autoimmune Disease that no one can pronunce and that is so rare no dr knows exactly what to expect or how to treat you was the single most hard thing ihad to go through, but the singke greatest life turning point i was blessed to go through. 
       I used to live a normal life! But now i live an incredible life! The thingsi used to do that were easy i used to take for granted, but now every time idothe simple things i get abig old smile because hey  i am doing it, sure it may take me longer to walk the trails i used to run on, but i am doing it! I may live my life in fear now but its not fear of the unknown its fear that i will get lazy and take it all for granted again. The fear is what drives me to courage. Courage is the action that drives me to live a life not normal for everyone, but something simply wonderful for me. 
      There is no miracle drug or anything that would take it away from me and i hope there never is! Because i dont want te old me back the one that was to content to try or do anything. Because of getting sick i now cherish and love more genuine my friends and family, they are closer in my heart and the memories i make now with them are the ones they will remember when i am not always around! Now dont get me down i still have bad days where i just cant deal with it anymore, and its okay to have those days! Because the next day is always better and it makes me grateful and humble!
       The day guillain-barre syndrome ruined my life was also the day that it made my life so much moremeaningful and for that i am grateful for it!


  1. Very nice. What a good view on a new phase of your life! :)

  2. My mother in law got GBS from her October 2012 Flu shot. I am glad you have found peace. We struggle as a family but also cherish that time we have together.Good days, bad days and the new normal our life takes on is ever changing. It is hard to watch her struggle but she is stronger than I would of ever guessed. You are a warrior!